What's crackedbeans.com?

A speciality coffee hub for the UK to get all your coffee needs in one place.


There are so many great roasters in the UK, and one month I ended up ordering £150 worth of coffee because it is so difficult to keep track of what new, seasonal and limited beans are available. My first order contained quite a bit of non-seasonal solid coffee, but then I found more and more exciting stuff. Half of my freezer was full of coffee. That's the thing with speciality coffee, once they're out of stock, they're gone. And keeping track of all of the great roaster's social media is overwhelming as it is.

A place where you can see what's freshly come out, who has coffees from the regions you're after was exactly what I needed. And a place to do it all in one go. I know it will be very helpful to me. And maybe it will be helpful for you too.

What's the plan?

The aim is to create a place where you can find the coffee beans that give you the experience you're after.

  1. So, first milestone is to get a few roasters with their products up on the page.
  2. Then I want to have a map that shows the origin of all of the coffees they have on offer. For example, I'm a huge fan of Rwandan coffees, so I would want to see which of my favourite roaster have Rwandan coffee in stock.
  3. Next, I'll try and expand the roasters available.
  4. Once all the usual suspects are up, I will create a map to show the location of the roasters. I'm all for trying local roasters first before you start ordering online. So people can see what are their local roasters and they can go visit and experience their coffees. This will be especially useful great for local micro-roasters still starting off.
  5. This is when stuff will get exciting. I want to develop this into a platform where people can rate the coffees they try - and I want it to be more detailed than 3/4/5 starts. Maybe share their coffee experiences. And then I bring in AI. An AI recommender system to recommend you the next coffee you could try. Maybe something exciting that's recently come out from your local roaster. Maybe a roaster that you haven't tried before, but you'd be surprised after you try it.

The sky's the limit, but I want to create a platform that improves people's coffee experiences - and everything around it.


Domestic Shipping

We will arrange the shipping directly from the roaster - hence expect to receive multiple packages if your order has multiple roasters.

The shipping pricing will be according to how the roasters have set them up.

Shipping fees will be matched with what the roaster offers - unfortunately Shopify currently cannot deal with such "complex" pricing systems as "total cost of products per roaster". It's in development, they say.

For now, the minimum order shipping costs are applied, and if you think you would have been eligible for free shipping directly from the roaster, drop me an email after you've put your order in, and I'll issue a discount code for your next order that covers the excess sipping costs incurred.

Returns policy

It's coffee. It's freshly roasted. Give it to a friend as a gift if you need to go abroad, or don't particularly like that roast. If you really need to, I guess the returns policy of each roaster would apply to their products. But generally, no returns. No waste. Enjoy. These are top quality stuff.

Issues with coffee

If you have any specific issues or complaints about any of the beans, best to reach out directly to the roaster, they know best, and they're generally really nice people and appreciate your feedback.